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Settling-in assistance

The purpose of Settling-in assistance is to ensure a smooth and stress free settling of the assignee in the new apartment, city, country or culture.
There are several tasks that assignees may initially have difficulty completing upon arriving in a new country. Intermark Relocations offers a variety of settling-in support functions in order to help expatriates get their feet on the ground. Upon request, our consultant will provide assistance in the following areas:


  • Provide lists of reputable furniture supply companies and department stores
  • Accompany the assignee to all the relevant shops and coordinate the purchase, delivery and assembling of the furniture


  • Arrange and coordinate the installation of additional technical equipment in leased premises (security systems, TV and internet connections, phone lines, etc.)
  • Establish billing address and payment processes


  • Counsel assignee about the documents needed to open bank accounts
  • Provide names, addresses and telephone numbers of suitable local or international banks
  • Accompany the assignee to the bank, providing translation & assistance completing necessary forms


  • Provide names, addresses and telephone numbers of insurance providers
  • Obtain translation of contract when possible, provide assistance in completing necessary forms
  • Counsel about the minimum insurance requirements to be obtained by local legal representative of assignee


  • Identify reputable car dealerships
  • Accompany family to any appropriate vehicle registration authority to complete forms, etc.
  • Provide interpretation/translation, assistance in obtaining drivers license

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